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Board of Directors


Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg,
President of Olive PR Solutions, Inc

It all started with Cyndi Lauper. Jennifer Borba was six-years-old, glammed up with her pink ruffled skirt, scrunchied ponytail and plenty of iridescent body glitter, dancing to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with her older sister. After plenty of begging from the precocious first-grader, her Dad took her to her first ever live concert. While the music, lights and dancers mesmerized the young girl, it was the power that Lauper had over the giant crowd which captured Jennifer. She stood on her tip-toes on the fold-out stadium seat, craning her neck to get a better glimpse of Lauper, who used the stage and microphone to spread a message of love and explain her passion for equality. At the time, little Jennifer didn’t realize what the pop star was doing was a form of public relations – spreading a message to the masses – but, Jennifer knew from that day on she wanted to dedicate her life to helping people share their passions.

Fast forward 25 years later, when Jennifer Borba (now Borba Von Stauffenberg, thanks to her Austrian husband), launched Olive PR Solutions, Inc. – a boutique public relations and marketing agency in downtown San Diego. Olive PR works with clients who are ready to make a major impact by generating positive news coverage and opportunities to guide them to branch out, think bigger, and expand their reach. Jennifer leads a team of eight savvy, dynamic public relations professionals in producing coverage for clients – ranging from musicians to national consumer brands, health companies to major events – that get placed in top-tier media outlets weekly.

Jennifer may have retired her pink poufy skirts and tucked her glitter into a far back drawer, but she will always be thankful to the 80s icon who encouraged her find her “True Colors” “Time After Time,” and inspire her to help others make their differences in the world.

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